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Alternate Realms 2 review
« on: May 19, 2010, 04:45:42 PM »
Darren Rogers' new deep-space sonic tour, The Alternate Realms 2, is packed with big, familiar, sweeping synthesizer arias built on warm, arcing pads woven through with a nice touch of drama and description. In fact, these tracks are so ethereal and transporting, I was totally thrown by the Spanish guitar-dominated track, "A Dreamer's Dream." The comparative weightiness of the guitar and the sharp edge of a wailing vocal that drops in later are a tough fit that just feels out of place here. Rogers is at his best with the soaring architecture of "The Crystal City" and the breathy, hypnotic wash of "The Soul's Regenesis." With the one exception, I quite like the worlds Rogers is showing me here, and I will be back to visit them often.

so please go check it out at:

thank you for your time:)
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