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I Hate eBay


drone on:
I have been paying about $25 a month in eBay seller fees.  I didn't sell that much.  My discogs monthly billing have been about $2.  On eBay, as a seller I cannot leave any negative feedback for a buyer, yet the buyer can leave negative feedback for me.  What the hell is up with that? And some of these buyers are real deadbeats, don't pay for a week or more, ignore emails, and then complain to eBay when they don't get their item right away.  Some total wanker just did this to me and this, coupled with the outrageous $ eBay is making off me, is making me not want to ever return to eBay as a buyer or a seller. 

People have been threatening to leave E-Bay for years, and until sellers actually leave en masse, E-Bay will never change.

E-Bay is one of those products, like Microsoft Windows, that people started using when it used to be decent, and for some reason everyone forgot to stop using it after it started to suck.

perfect analogy.

My recent sale on eBay went really lousy. I'm thinking of going with Discogs system instead with fixed prices. Not that that is eBays fault but I'm getting rather tired of it anyway.


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