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['ramp] & markus reuter -- ceasing to exist
« on: June 19, 2010, 01:26:24 PM »
"ceasing to exist", the collaborative album with touch guitar player Markus Reuter, has also been made available as a download release. In case you haven´t downloaded it yet -- or are planning to buy the real CD --, here´s a review which you might find very helpful  (thanks, Archie!):

Ramp is perhaps the most unique and devastatingly powerful. Their "style", which they have coined as "doombient", literally overflows with dense, dark vibrations and latent menace sonically. Up to now they have not been particularly prolific, but now they have literally unleashed 3 albums worth of music, all of which are somewhat different and stunningly graphic electronically. Ceasing To Exist is a collaboration effort featuring Markus Reuter, noted for his excellent works on Ian Boddy´s label. It too is a wall of synthetic sound, but more subtle and as the oozing, electronic undulations conjured up by guitar and synth literally melts from one atmospheric texture and melody into another. The sound of sonic suffocation has never been sweeter.
Archie Patterson

The download (and a couple other ['ramp]- and Parsick-related stuff) can be found here:

You can of course order the CD directly from me.

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