Author Topic: Guitar accessories for sale - not worth the ebay hassle, so make an offer!  (Read 1990 times)


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Pocket Rock-it Sampler 16.  Looks like this one, but it's the sampler version:

It can actually multi-track several samples while you play; funky little unit.  Also makes some interesting sounds when the battery is dying.   ;)  I haven't used this in years, but the last time I did, it worked great.  Headphones not included; I lost them years ago.  $20.

Dean Markley ZH-7 acoustic pickup.  Looks like this, but with slightly different graphics:

It's about a dozen years old, in good condition.  No case.  $20.

DOD Vibro-Thang vibrato pedal:

About 10 years old, hardly ever used, in great condition.  $20.
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