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Hi all,
in case you haven´t noticed yet, there are two new download albums available by ['ramp] and myself, namely
which was my personal interpretation of the music Vangelis had created for the Blade Runner film. Based on roughly the same instruments Vangelis used for the film score -- and also heavily centered around the Yamaha CS80 polyphonic synthesiser --, it became my second solo album after "Traces of the Past". This version here contains three extra tracks which were not included in the CD release. Here´s some reviews, collected over the past couple of years:

"Not jolly stuff, that is for sure but the best audio equivalent to a horror
movie I have ever heard. What a superb album."
(Dave Law/ about Stephen´s „Hoellenengel“ album)

"Stephen Parsick gaat ook solo met de cd 'Hoellenengel', die een brug
probeert te slaan tussen de 'Blade Runner' soundtrack van Vangelis en het
werk van Lustmord. Hoe het klinkt? Als een brug tussen de 'Blade Runner'
soundtrack van Vangelis en het werk van Lustmord."
(Bob Rusche/ about Stephen´s "Hoellenengel" album,
"tip van bob")

"What would you get if you crossed Vangelis' Blade Runner soundtrack with a dose of Lustmord for good measure? You would get Stephen Parsick's
(Phil Derby/ about Stephen´s Hoellenengel album)

"De bijzondere mix tussen Vangelis en Lustmord heeft een naar mijn mening
unieke en intrigerende cd opgeleverd die voor mij als een van de
hoogtepunten geldt van 2005."
(Paul Rijkens/IO-Pages/E-Dition NL about Stephen´s Hoellenengel album)

"Stephen Parsick is one half of Ramp, and if that groups new album is the
sound of deep space building to critical mass, then Stephen's solo is a trip
thru' the black hole into a parallel universe, the dark underside of heaven
if you will [...] Stephen set out to create his known vision of that
netherworld. The musical result is dark, dense and electronically unique.
The sonics echo with Arabic scales and Eastern timbres, all blended into an
electronic tapestry that fuses modern and medieval influences. "Hell's
Angels" surely is a trip through the looking glass into the realm of dark
sonic delirium & celestial sound. Mindbending music, a must!"
(Archie Patterson/ about Stephen´s Hoellenengel album)

"Thoroughly steeped in ominous implications, this release is designed to
instill an uncomfortable dread. This music luxuriates in the creation of
dark environments which seethe with a sedate intensity devoted to embracing mortality and entropic impermanence."
(Matt Howarth/ about Stephen´s Hoellenengel album)

"It´s not often in my life that I ever get a chance to shout or cheer with
joy [...] Imagine what would happen if a Blade Runner sequel was made. What would the music score sound like? Well, as I write this report, I´m
listening to the CD, track 4 - die Burg. I can almost hear, or I am almost
reminded of Vangelis, Lustmord, even Ludwig Van. Hopefully you will all
agree, a true masterpiece."
(Gary Willoughby/ about Stephen´s Hoellenengel album)

There´s plenty of info to be found on the respective sites, and there´s also quite a bit of audio material to listen to.
Of course, you can still order the physical CDs from me directly if you´re not happy with virtual albums.

Thanks for reading, cheers,


"Honour thy error as a hidden intention." (Brian Eno)

judd stephens

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hard to find on MusicZeit
« Reply #1 on: September 05, 2010, 10:55:37 PM »
Stephen, something weird has happened to Music Zeit.  If you go to the website and type "Stephen Parsick" in the search, nothing turns up, but if you click on the link you posted, it does show.  Weird because there's only a handful of albums and artists listed after clicking on the down-arrows when there used to be much more.  Same thing with Robert Rich, as I know his live albums released a couple years ago were all on Music Zeit.  

I went ahead and sent a message, so maybe it'll get resolved, or maybe it's just the faultiness of the user... ;D
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Re: stephen parsick -- hoellenengel (now available as a download album)
« Reply #2 on: September 07, 2010, 01:26:18 AM »
Hi Judd,

not sure what the problem is but I guess they might have some server issues (slow performance or whatever) every now and then when there´s a lot of traffic. I´m sure they´ll solve it soon.


"Honour thy error as a hidden intention." (Brian Eno)