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Autechre - is it worth it?

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Dunno why I bother cos I havenít liked an album of theirs since this:

but anyway here I am, for historical musico-cultural reasons, listening to their latest, Quaristice:

and not having an easy time of it. Not quite as much of an ordeal as the last three albums, but still little to hang on to here in terms of texture or a beat that doesn't disappear up its own arse. Solipsistic Max/Msp workouts for the most part. Approach with caution.

They can't disappear up their own ass with a new release when they've already been dwelling up within said own-ass for the past decade, almost.

Evidently the arse they had been up for the last decade developed another one, up which their output proceeded to disappear. A little like what happened with the Cheshire Cat's grin, perhaps...

But seriously, it's a shame what happenned to Autechre. They had such a great promise...but wait, ....there's that Uwe guy, Arovane that is! I feel much better now!

Arovane carried forward the post-Tri Repetae torch admirably. Unfortunately he got jaded after Lilies (2004) and went into semi-retirement. Arovane actually had a lot more going on in the harmonic/melodic department than the AE guys. I do admire AE for what they bequeathed in terms of their um... 'intelligent techno' ('scuse my shorthand) template, but others like Arovane (Bola was another) filled out the template more alluringly.


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