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Recommend some good tv series please ?

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Alright, I need some good TV series to watch... which would you recommend and why ???

Some of my favorite tv series include LOST, battlestar Galactica, Dark Angel etc.

I am currently watching Caprica which is related to Battlestar Galactica...it is quite good..but the ambition and budget I think is lacking...
But I like how they mix the the real world with the virtual world.

I have also been thinking about to begin to watch Star trek once for all..I have only seen maybe 1-2 episodes on tv long time ago..
I doubt it is as good as Battlestar Galactica though...

We don't have cable, but I watch some television shows on Hulu, etc.

Right now my favorites include Eureka and Warehouse 13.  The scientific underpinnings are laughable, but the shows are fun!  A new show on the SyFy (really, what was wrong with SciFi???) network called Haven looks fun -- it seems to be loosely based on Steven King's The Colorado Kid.  Basically, these are science fiction shows with a second focus on comedy, relationships, etc.  Not very deep. but fun  --  and at the end of the week, there's nothing wrong with fun!

Scott M2:
Joss Whedon created several excellent series for TV.

Since you have an indicated preference for sci-fi start with Firefly.

If you enjoy the writing & characters in Firefly, proceed to Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel.
I realize they sound quite dumb looking from the outside - but they are powerful & emotional television.
(The first season of Buffy is the weakest, hang in till season 2 and things get darker/stronger/more emotional.)

Firefly & Buffy/Angel can all be purchased for very reasonable prices now and will entertain you for many, many months.

I've only seen part of Dollhouse - but I'm told that 1/2 way through the 1st season it kicks into gear.

Dave Michuda:
I second Scott's recommendation of Firefly, one of my favorite series of all time.

A current series that I like a lot is Fringe on Fox.  The third season will start this fall.  It's produced by J.J. Abrams of Lost.  It's sort of like an updated X-Files, FBI investigators looking into bizarre phenomena with an overarching storyline about an alternate universe.  A very well done show.

Unrelated to the sci-fi theme but a great show I'm currently watching on DVD is Arrested Development.  Ridiculously funny & ahead of it's time.

If you like intensive stuff and always wanted to let your employees have it big time ;), I enthusiastically recommend Hell's Kitchen and Masterchef


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