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I recently bought a Soundcloud 'lite' account and I've started to use it a bit more actively now. I think it could be a very useful thing -
particularly having a 'widget' that you can paste all over the sites you frequent.

The 'private' features are pretty interesting as well.

Any one else using Soundcloud ? Thoughts, tips ?


Yes, I have a free account. I have found it to be useful for exchanging demos, and I prefer it a lot to things like "Yousendit" and "Mediafire".


I also like the timed comments, they can be fun and useful imo..

There is a similar site called mixcloud which is free..


I'm loving Soundcloud now.  I got to beta test it a long time ago and then sort of stepped away from music (since I wasn't writing any) - now I'm back.  The share privately feature is awesome - the ability to put notes on the timeline - awesome.   Soundcloud is having growing pains and going down from time to time which is frustrating, but hopefully they'll work that out.   I'll likely be springing for a premium account fairly soon for my main Relaxed Machinery account.

Relaxed Machinery artists:


[ edit:  See post below for full list...]

A few others I follow that might be on interest to forum members:

http://soundcloud.com/adamned-age  (Hanne Adam)
http://soundcloud.com/altusmusic  (Mike Carrs)
http://soundcloud.com/birdsofpassagemusic  (Alicia Merz)
http://soundcloud.com/maras-torment (Rik Maclean)
http://soundcloud.com/l-r-1  (Leonardo Rosado / Subterminal)
http://soundcloud.com/mapmap (Marcus Fischer)
http://soundcloud.com/modelcitizen (Adam Williams)
http://soundcloud.com/parallel-worlds (Bakis Sirros)
http://soundcloud.com/phobos-2 (David Thompson / Phobos)
http://soundcloud.com/specta_ciera (Devin Underwood)
http://soundcloud.com/vireo322 (Phillip Wilkerson)
http://soundcloud.com/yellow6 (Jon Attwood)

I'm starting to get into Soundcloud a bit more and it's been pretty positive so far.

Everything streams well - I'm on a stone-age 'broadband' connection and everything plays without stuttering

The free account allows a user to have 2 hours of music and from what I can make out, that could be in any number of formats - uncompressed wav or whatever rate mp3s. You're not limited by file size, but by duration.

The timeline comments idea is quite unique (and useful).
Pity its player can't be embedded in this forum - well I can't figure it out, that's not to say it can't be done !

Mixcloud is more of a cloudcast/radio thing - different but still interesting, though.



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