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Altus - Live Performances (Updated Jan 29/08)


After a few delays, the live performance I did at (on December 1st) is now available at to download.
Altus - Live (Dec 1, 2007) "Toward the Winter Solstice"

It's a mix of dark ambient with some melodic stuff interspersed.

Thanks to Darrell Burgan (Palancar) for hosting the show, and to Hannah Shapero (Altocumulus) for naming the performance. And if you're wondering, I'll be doing more live stuff. I had a lot of fun doing this, and truly didn't think I could do this kind of thing.

Enjoy!   ;D

Kendall Station:

I really dig this!

The recording from the live show last Saturday is now available to download. Aptly named "The Grey Horizon" by Hannah Shapero (Altocumulus), this is melodic melancholy.

Altus - Live (Jan 26, 2008) "The Grey Horizon"



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