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Asus VS Apple Macbook


I must say Asus latests laptops are impressive, if you ask me they are much more beautiful and stylish then Apple Macbook.

I like this one especially :)
Probably the most beautiful laptop I have seen...I really like the wood...


Gaybook...  Really?  I thought we were adults here.


--- Quote from: Altus on September 05, 2010, 08:50:33 AM ---Gaybook...  Really?  I thought we were adults here.

--- End quote ---

Sorry I wrote wrong, but you are right :)

There is a plenty of MAC people here still though...
But if you compare with how the latest Asus laptops looks
I think the Macbook look like chinese toys... Apple have for a long time
considered to have the best "design" but really..now they can't compete with Asus in that regard.

anyway I see now, the link did not work above..

here is the working link..I hope they will release an 17 inch model also..



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