Author Topic: ONE THOUSAND PULSES Fall Rushes w/JASON SLOAN, CiL & GLASS BEES, STEVE MOORE  (Read 2301 times)

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Announcing OTP’s Fall Rushes, a three-week run of innovative artists offering an array of cool sounds to usher in the autumn months:

> SEPT 18 — JASON SLOAN • Sloan’s austere ambient and minimal musics seek to relate more towards inner reflection and contemplation, mirroring Eno & Steve Roach's own dictums about the kind of resonating architectures an artist can divulge from sound, resulting in wholly immersive soundworlds of stark relief and abject beauty. •

> SEPT 25 — COLOR IS LUXURY / THE GLASS BEES • Two duos preoccupied with circuit-bending and inner ear manipulation. Color Is Luxury combines the talents of erstwhile Buchla veteran Charles Cohen and the curiously monikered hair_loss in the yielding of some of the most provocative boops and beeps around. Electroacoustic improv duo The Glass Bees craft remarkable synergies from a most economical means, flaunting the imperfections of hand-plucked string things with on-the-fly laptop palpitations and a healthy regard for happy accidents. • /

> OCT 1 — STEVE MOORE • Synthesist, bassist, composer and half of dark synth-rockers Zombi, Moore’s solo work stretches the ears yet wider, engulfing dancefloor sequencer pyrotechnics as well as the bottomless depths of Klaus Schulzian black hole dynamics, a full-on rhythm and sound phantasia of the highest order. •

Seating is limited for all our events—click the link below for advance ticket purchasing and seat reservations:


ADMISSION: $15 advance ticket • $18 at the door

LOCATION: 9 Edward Place, Woodcliff Lake NJ 07677 USA • 201.316.5403

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