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Post your recent music purchases in this thread, it'll be fun!

Steve Roach & Jorge Reyes - Vine ~ Bark & Spore CD
Steve Roach & Vidna Obmana - Cavern of Sirens CD
Steve Roach - Proof Positive CD
Steve Roach - Life Sequence CD
Steve Roach & Mark Seelig - Nightbloom CD
Rod Modell - Electromagnetic - Etheric Systems Approach CD
Thomas Köner - Daikan CD
Thomas Köner - Unerforschtes Gebiet CD
Thomas Köner - Kaamos CD
Circle - Prospekt CD (kraut rock!)
Oöphoi - Upuaut CD
Oöphoi - The Rustling of Leaves CD
Oöphoi - Bardo CD
Alio Die - Leaves Net CD
Alio Die - Sol Niger CD
Alio Die - Tempus Rei CD
Alio Die & Mathias Grassow - Expanding Horizon 2xCD
Lull - Dreamt About Dreaming CD
Lull - Cold Summer CD
Vladislav Delay - Multila CD
Robert Henke - Floating Point CD

These are my purchases for a week back :)


* Mystified- Passing Through The Outer Gates
* Steve Brand- Circular Scriptures
* Resonant Drift- The Call
* Wally Baderou- Words Of A Mountain
* Clarified Birds- The Forest That Hears And The Field That Sees
* The Uccello Projects- Symmetria

Oöphoi - Dreams Part One CD
Oöphoi - Dreams Part Two CD
Oöphoi - Dreams Part Three CD

Scott M2:
Headonist - It seems like you are, almost singlehandedly, keeping the ambient music business alive. Props!   ;) 8)

Yep!  Have to agree with that.  You're a treasure headonist!

Me personally - I've downloaded a lot of netlabel releases, I bought the Enter Calico compilation from Clear Notice, I've traded with some artist for music,  and I've bought a few very non-ambient albums from Amazon's $5 mp3 sales.


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