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Autechre - Exai - 2013 Japan edition with bonus track.

Robert Logan:
Why do you folks make of the new Autechre?

I can't make my mind up about it. But I do know the second track, 'irlite (get 0)', is one of the strangest and most fantastic things I have heard in a long time. It's got a wonderfully thick, foggy, dark, surreal but fun atmosphere. The new album also sounds much better and more 'three-dimensional' on headphones to me than most of their more recent albums do.

drone on:
Rapoon--Vernal Crossing Revisited 2cd.  Remaster of original album plus new album which reinterprets VC.  New stuff sounds great, can't wait to receive this one.

Autechre: Exai. This one is worth talking about. Autechre are making some of the most fascinating music around. It feels like they've gotten to a stage where they are just having a blast with it, and incidentally making some of the most unique while still being listenable electronica. By no means an instantly "easy" listen, this is a tome to be studied and enjoyed in reverie. I feel a sense that they are not trying to be avant-garde, they are making the music that's inside their minds, and it just comes out that way. Can't believe they've been around this long and are still sounding fresh and awesome, while most others of Warp have faded or given up.

FRKWYS07: This one sounds good on first few listens. Classic electronica sound.

Senor Coconut: El Baile Aleman. Bought this on a whim because it looked so amazingly weird. Haven't had a chance to listen as I am out of town and away from stereo, and Mac won't let me burn it. But I feel there is great promise and joy here.

Ha ha, checking out some forum stats there in view of recent discussions and found this old topic, seems a shame to have let that drop, could be an interesting one.

This weeks ambient..............

Eeem - Peregrination. Thought this was sold out and I had missed out. Had an email from Lee at ...txt to say he had found some discs. 8 bargain. First listen complete this rainy Saturday morning. Excellent. Dreamy ambient in the main with some glitchy and environmental sounds on one or two tracks. Straight back on the player, right now.


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