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Diatonis DVD-Audio ISO Image at


I have made my latest DVD-Audio album Diatonis - Dark Edges available free at

You can hear MP3 samples here:

This is a DVD-Audio album that plays at 96kHz/24-bit in 5.0 surround sound. The download i
s an ISO image which you can burn to a DVD-R and have it playback in your DVD-Audio player.
The simple menu is NTSC 4:3 but the album should automatically begin when you place itin your player.

NOTE: A DVD-Audio player is required. It is not the same thing as a normal DVD-Video player.

If you need a free ISO burner for Windows I like this one: It works really well for most

It's also available on torrent networks:

Thanks for listening

Scott M2:
I was just listening to Dark Edges this morning/afternoon (Saturdays!!!). It's darker than many Diatonis works
and is filled with shifting, rumbling glaciers of sound and stretches of rhythmic percussives. Highly recommended
and you can get it for free!  (I had ordered my copy, which has the surround-DVD plus a redbook stereo CD, through CD Baby.)

Hi Scott,

Thanks for the nice words I do appreciate it.  Sorry for the delay in customs I didn't think it would take that long.

Thanks again for listening,


Have downloaded 'Dark Edges'. I re-assembled my (temporarily dormant) surround setup to hear it.

Very cinematic, great production and dynamics - very impressive.'Dark Edges' is much more percussive
and dark than what I've heard of Stuart's other work. It's a pity more people couldn't hear it as it
was intended (DVD-A), but it's great that Stuart is making it freely available in this format.


Hi Pete,

Thanks for spending the time in putting up your system :)  It's a great format!

Thanks Again


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