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Star's End: The Winterhouse


You can catch some tracks form The Winterhouse this weekend  :)
Here is Chuck van Zyl's mini-review:


The Winterhouse (the duo of Anthony Paul Kirby and Robert
Davies) sonifies the cold interior isolation of the digital age.
While SLOW PROMISES (62'57") is dense with drones, beneath
its surface churns a contemplative atmosphere. Their electronic
poems are made up of notes and chords gradually changing
over time, both in harmony and color. Layers of sounds float like
clouds across a desolate landscape of muted tones and
abandoned thoughts. Each track moves slowly through its
course, and thoroughly examines a unique aspect of stillness
and quietude. By searching the shadows, The Winterhouse finds
overcast themes to be the more interesting to explore.

Tune in to STAR'S END this weekend for music from SLOW
PROMISES by The Winterhouse


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