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Selling some random CDs...
« on: August 26, 2015, 02:21:31 PM »
Selling off my collection; here's what's left.  If interested, shoot me a PM.

Labradford:  E Luxo So, A Stable Reference
Various:  The Knights Who Say Dot, Night Effect (DJ Highfish mix)
Banco de Gaia:  Big Men Cry, Igezeh, The Magical Sounds Of...
Chemical Brothers:  Loops of Fury, Exit Planet Dust
Dither:  Urei
Euphoria:  S/T, Beautiful My Child
FSOL:  Lifeforms single, ISDN
Kaltesglas:  Repetition and Texture
Mindspawn:  God Forgot
Mimetic:  Be-at Sound A/Data Sensitive 2cd
Mouse on Mars:  Ideology, Niun Niggung, Iaora Tahiti, Rost Pocks
Not Otherwise Specified:  S/T
Plastikman:  Artifcats BC, Consumed
P.G.R. (Kim Cascone):  Morning Book of Serpents, Hole of Unknown Depth
Goldwater:  Dustbowl
I've also got loads more psychedelic rock/ heavy improv and other odd stuff too:  Salamander, Sunburned Hand of the Man, Swervedriver, Stereolab, Laika, Brother JT, Beta Band, BMRC, Lhasa Cement Plant, and lots more.
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