Author Topic: Various Artists- A Prophecy Of Emptiness Mix  (Read 2363 times)


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Various Artists- A Prophecy Of Emptiness Mix
« on: October 18, 2010, 03:14:12 PM »

This is a mix of dark ambient, drone and experimental tracks with the subject of the dying city. You know-- urban decay-- rusting girders, broken trains and cars, dripping pipes, and so forth. Various eligible and cc-licensed tracks were included in the mix, including excellent music by Fosel, C. Reider (with PBK), Adamned Age, Tribe Of Astronauts, Mystified, Mister Vapor and Digital Mass. Hi-fidelity mp3 and FLAC files are available, so plug in, tune out, and imagine the natural end of cities as we know them.
Thomas Park
Mystified / Mister Vapor