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BELONG: Tour ep
This is to draw Forum-ites attention to a (legitimate) free download of a 3-track ep by the New Orleans-based duo, Belong. Their October Language (Carpark) album came out of nowhere to become a favourite of 2006.

The Tour ep is in that blurry spectral guitar-drone ambient style that’s getting the “shoegaze” tag attached to it these days, but what it sounds like to me is the result of a summit meeting between William Basinki, Tim Hecker and Eluvium (Talk Amongst the Trees version) presided over by (Wolfgang Voigt’s) Gas. It has that washed-out sand-blasted swell of noise-harmony that characterises the best work of all the above:

Lovely stuff, and downloadable from a link contained at the bottom of the mini-review here:

Dave Michuda:

Thanks for the heads-up!  Absolutely gorgeous stuff.


--- Quote from: Dave Michuda on February 04, 2008, 08:48:53 PM ---Alan,

Thanks for the heads-up!  Absolutely gorgeous stuff.

--- End quote ---

You're welcome, Dave. I highly recommend October Language, if you enjoyed the ep.              

Lots of good things were written about this album at the time:                                 

Yes, thanks for the post, Alan.
Not as +ve as Dave. Found the 3rd track muddy/unappealing, the 1st directionless, but the 2nd, Vowel, worked very well -- has an intimate warmth.


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