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Runningonair Music – New Release – December Sale! – News
« on: November 30, 2010, 10:44:58 PM »
Runningonair Music – New Release – December Sale! – News

With so much going on at one time, it seemed right to put it all in one place.  So here it is:

New Release – Runningonair - Selected Works ’94 – ’00 – 2xCDR - Limited 100 Copies.

Well it’s all pretty much in the title, most of this work is over a decade old and was never meant to appear on an album, at least not in this format.  Having said that, it works remarkably well.  For those that are familiar with the “Out of Process” release, this can be seen a prequel, but divided into darker and lighter material, hence the split over 2 disks.

The second disk will not be released as a download, so this will be a genuinely limited release.

There’s more information at the website as well as clips and downloads.

Additionally the track “Running on Air” will be available for free download for the first week of the release!  (1st Dec – 7th Dec).  “Second Thoughts” is already available.

December Sale

As everyone is on the look out for cheap presents and I need to clear a bit of space, there will be a 50% off sale on all older disk releases (RM001 – 3). 

RM001 – Out of Process - £2.99 - CD
RM002 - Systems out of Chance - £3.99 – CD-R/DVD-R
RM003 – Click Continue - £1.99 – CD-R - EP

That’s got be worth a punt for anyone hovering on the edge.  I’ll also combine postage. 

Just send me an e-mail for a quote.

Info –at- runningonair –dot- com

Next year – Releases

At present there are a couple of new releases scheduled.  Both of which will be landmarks in there own way.  Firstly there will be a Blue Ray release,  I can’t go into specifics at this stage, but it has to Blue Ray to make it work.  The release date is likely to be October.

The next actual release, pencilled in for March, will be Runningonair Music’s first new solo artist, Guy Birkin.  Guy has some amazing ideas and I can promise that the planned release is going to something unique.  Enough for now.

I’ll post updates as and when.

For now, Seasons greetings. ;-)