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Hollywood crazies, Randy Quaid and his wife Evi

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I found this article completely fascinating, especially since we were just talking about Randy Quaid and Christmas Vacation around here.

It seems Randy and his wife Evi are totally insane, and not the fun/amusing kind of insane.


What the....?  :o

It's a long article but I found it worth reading all the way through. It's not just a "gosh, aren't Hollywood celebrities wacky?" piece. The reporter actually talks to all the people associated with this couple of the past quarter-century, and looks at public records, and paperwork related to lawsuits and arrest records. Really fascinating stuff (especially from the perspective of a guy who's had some crazy girlfriends in the past).

OK, just read it- that is unbelievably bizarre!  :o

I feel like it's some kind of practical joke or something, and yet they seem to be dead serious...

The link crashed on me. I thought they were a little paranoid about there being a Hollywood Mafia out to kill them but ever since longtime publicist Ronni Chasen was shot execution style a couple weeks back in her car I'm having second thoughts.


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