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Trying to contact mike g


Emails being returned tried correct address mike how do I contact you?

Hi Jordan
Strange, my emails to you are bouncing back as well. I will send you another Private Message on this Forum. Check the "My Messages" link at the top.

Jordan, in case you're not accustomed to checking the "My Messages" link as described above, I thought I'd mention here that I did send you a Private Message through the forum just now.

Everybody else, sorry for the distraction. I guess the hypnos.com server doesn't like aol.com email, and vice versa.


I am on AOL e-mail and I have never had problem receiving e-mails from Hypnos.  Most of those come in response to order', granted, but I have received one or three from you or Lena in the past.

We got ahold of each other for order thanks mike


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