Author Topic: vidnaObmana : 1987-2007 Chasing The Odyssee 8lp box-set  (Read 4916 times)


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Re: vidnaObmana : 1987-2007 Chasing The Odyssee 8lp box-set
« Reply #20 on: December 08, 2010, 03:35:03 AM »
OK, we need to stop the personal stuff, the finger-pointing, and the format wars. This topic is for Dirk's announcement of the new Vidna Obmana retrospective box set, and discussion of that release.  Feel free to debate the relative merits of vinyl in a new thread elsewhere. In fact, if you want to show your support for the CD format, we have a bunch of VO compact discs for sale -- feel free to order several of each.

Indeed, I don't know where this all comes from.  My use of 'thanks' at the end of the posting wasn't sarcastic at all.
I'm not defensive either but I just don't see this posting, as Mike clearly stated, as a forum to discuss who or what can be released on vinyl. That's why the music of my friends and colleagues, and on which format they are released, is not essential here.

To share my personal opinion one more time, I personally prefer vinyl because it gives me, as an artist, a much better focus and strict timeframe to work in. When I rediscovered vinyl in 2005, through tonefloat realising that it became so much better in their pressing quality, I realized that this was the medium to actually close the book on vidnaObmana for me personally.  Having this strict timeframe per side of an lp, gave me the 'discipline' to actually choose differently for the 'drone' music I made. Yes, most of my music is still available on cd and therefor I didn't see any reason to have this collection out on cd.  Secondly, there's a whole different and new league of listeners who do have turntables and rate vinyl above cd and who don't know the music of vidnaObmana and this box-set is a good way to start or have something that represent everything.  Thirdly, I just like the format much more because it gives you much more freedom to work towards a visually stunning release (again my personal opinion for my own music).  And indeed it also solves the piracy a bit as well.

That said, sorry to Forrest to get dragged into a rather unnecessary discussion and all other forum dwellers...

PS. Indeed, the postage is unfortunately rather high but that's also the reason why we kept the sale price on the box-set quite low in order to compensate that for the listener. 
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Re: vidnaObmana : 1987-2007 Chasing The Odyssee 8lp box-set
« Reply #21 on: December 08, 2010, 10:03:11 AM »
another fringe benefit to records is that rappers or perhaps some new artform 20 years from now might use ambient scratching and samples, thus exposing a new generation to your work...    ;D  Nothing like some good Vidna Obmana on "Weeky- weeky-weeky" wax! 


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Re: vidnaObmana : 1987-2007 Chasing The Odyssee 8lp box-set
« Reply #22 on: December 09, 2010, 10:43:29 AM »
I have just deleted some posts from the end of this topic, because I had already warned everybody to cool it with confrontational, rude and personal postings. I've given one member a temporary ban from posting to the forum because of ignoring my previous note that everyone needed to cool off, and I won't tolerate a resumption of hostilities.

This topic is about Vidna Obmana's vinyl box set.  Feel free to start separate topics to debate the merits of vinyl, or even the relative strengths and weaknesses of various prior Vidna Obmana releases.  Sorry... I've reverted to Vidna Obmana instead of the preferred vidnaObmana. I must remember!

I think most of us want the place to remain a hospitable community for recording artists to visit, and interact with their listeners. It's not that we can't question or critique the work, or even formats for releasing music, but I hate to see things become so confrontational and personal that none of the artists we all enjoy listening to actually dare venture here and meet their listeners.
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