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Hypnos Podcast #2 featuring Out and About by Herion

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I intended to do Hypnos podcasts more frequently than this (it's been about a year since the last one), but I just completed the second one, which features Out and About by Herion.  The entire album is featured in its entirety (with talking here & there, otherwise people would just download the podcast and not buy the CD), along with plenty of information about the songs and the band.

Link to the podcast itself:

If you enjoy the podcast, please consider buying the CD:

Let me know if you enjoy the podcast, and feel free to suggest subjects of focus for future installments. I won't always focus on just a single artist or album, so I'd be open to nay suggestions.

By the way, for those who missed the previous podcast....

Here's a link back to the previous podcast, which featured an overview of Viridian Sun:

Lots of downloads of the podcast, but no comments yet, so here's a nudge.

Any comments on the Herion podcast?

Any suggestions or requests for future podcasts (soon)?

The music is very pleasant. I would say it has a sentimental quality, but that it does well, as it does not lay on the syrup too heavily. A nice balance. I also think the piano works perfectly. That surprised me as I am not a huge piano buff, but it really sounded nice in these tracks. I also felt a sense of place with these tracks. A combination, I suppose, of sentiment and location. Quality stuff.

Thanks for listening, Thomas, and for the comments.


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