Did somebody want to talk about whisky or whiskey?

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This deserves its own new topic.

Usually each year when I get my Christmas bonus I spring for at least one fancy new bottle I've never tried. This year I believe it will be Lagavulin 16 yr in the scotch category and the new Maker's 46 bourbon.

My usual favorites are Glenlivet and Laphroaig among scotches (sort of polar opposites actually), and Maker's Mark and Bulleit. I'm also kind of into rye lately.

Always in small quantities, of course.

Wayne Higgins:
I don't do scotch.  Something about that peat moss taste I just can't deal with.  At our house, our choices are either Stolichnaya Vodka, Jameson's Whiskey, or Bombay Saphire Gin.

Glenlivet is great for people who don't like peat. I've known many people who said "I hate scotch" until they tried Glenlivet. It's relatively affordable too, as good single malts go.

Bill Binkelman:
For the holidays:

Scotch: Balvenie Double-Oak or Cragganmore or Dahlwinnie
Bourbon: Makers Mark or Jim Beam Black usually but may go high end and try Baker's or Booker's this year
Wine: Either Dry Creek Vineyards or Hogue Fume Blanc (dry sauvignon blanc)
After dinner: Either B and B (Benedictine and Brandy) or a good cognac, e.g. Courvoisier, Remy Martin or maybe Hennessey

Mike knows that I always drink my scotch (single malt, not blended, that is) straight. If I do drink a blended, it's always Dewars and I drink it on the rocks. Bourbon I drink one way or the other but the higher priced bourbons I usually drink straight up as well.

Happy (hic) Holidays!

Only bad people stick ice in their scotch.


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