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Ephre Imprint New Compilation Release January 2011
« on: January 02, 2011, 02:37:13 PM »
New Ephre Imprint Release - January 2011

Underwater Noises Various Artists

[LC/EPH01 /5" CDR /15 tracks /68 minutes /4 GBP]

Ephre Imprint presents a strictly limited edition compilation of all Italian sound artists currated by Attilio Novellino and Enrico Coniglio. Each artist was prompted to submit a track inspired somehow by the notion of water, according to their individual angle. The upshot is a multilayered work, giving voice to the umpteen facets of a theme which has always inspired a particularly deep and serious attraction for musicians working in the drone/ambient scene.

Field recordings, glitched digressions, electroacoustic idylls, dreamy soundscapes, abysmal notes, dilated, diluted, purified, desecrated water....

Full line up of contributing artists: Enrico Coniglio, Francesco Giannico, Gigi Masin, Obsil, Elisa Luu, Attilio Novellino (Un Vortice Di Bassa Pressione), Pierpaolo Leo, Christian Di Vito, Ornithology, Leastupperbound, Alessio Ballerini, Cop Killin' Beat, LLS04, Ennio Mazzon and Paolo Veneziani. Together they have releases across labels such as Touch, Porter, Laverna, Sub Rosa, Ripples, Cronica, Zymogen and more.

This album will be joint release by Ephre and Lost Children Netlabel.

Listen to tracks here:

Forthcoming releases on Ephre from Coeval/Miguel A.Garcia/Miguel Prado and Ennio Mazzon.
Previous releases by Nigel Samways, Carlos Villena, Erik De Cordier, Jonathan Read, Vecchi-Teller and David Newlyn.