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It's been a sort of mini-tradition of a few years now to give a summary each January of what's coming next from Hypnos.

I posted a bit of an update at the end of the "2010 outlook" topic so most of this stuff is already known, but rather than follow-up there, I'll start a new one.

Next up for Hypnos in 2011, not necessarily in this order.

Nebulae - The Path of White Clouds

A Produce & Loren Nerell - Intangible

Steve Brand - Avatara

Seren Ffordd & Oophoi - The Martian Chronicles

I'll talk a bit more about these soon in follow-up posts. Also, a few other things that aren't definite yet, but I can at least drop hints.

The release of Path of White Clouds should be our next CD release, in no more than a month. The artwork has been approved, so this is the final cover.

It's still not definite which CD comes after Nebulae, but it will almost certainly be either the A Produce & Loren Nerell collaboration Intangible, or Steve Brand's Avatara.

I have already previewed cover art for both of these (with a disclaimer that neither was final -- and the art for Intangible was an early concept and likely to change) so here I'll show the older version and more current version of each. Note that neither of these is definitely final, but these are much less likely to change very much than the old versions.

Steve Brand - Avatara (old version)

Steve Brand - Avatara (new version)

A Produce & Loren Nerell - Intangible (old version)

A Produce & Loren Nerell - Intangible (new version)


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