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Ephre Imprint new releases 2011
« on: May 29, 2011, 05:34:01 AM »


Jonathan Read's second EP for Ephre comes as a very worthy follow up to his 2010 work. 'Volans 2' covers a different, possibly more outwardly emotive musical terrain but has a certain sentiment and spacious, deep sound in common with it's predecessor. Hints at selenographic matters link with the previous ep's notion of cocooned space travel. 

CDR EP running time 21 minutes.

Jonathan Read has previous releases on Ephre and the Enpeg label.

listen here:


RNCPS is a collaboration album from Nigel Samways and Daniel Dickel. The project was mostly improvised and jammed using a variety of live instruments and devices, always incorporating a large amount of sampled material direct from low quality soundtracks and foley. The album is split into two sections - one of collage based, erratic sketches and scenes and the other reflecting more of an introverted retreat.  The album deliberately juxtaposes the absurd and the serious in an often jarring fashion. influenced by 1970s and early 80s sci-fi films and comics - in particular the filthy imagined junk future of Strontium Dog from 2000AD.

CDR album running time 66 minutes.

Nigel Samways has previous releases on Taalem, Hibernate, Experimedia and Ephre etc.

listen here:

Previously on Ephre Imprint:

EPH08 - Nigel Samways - Nine Barrow Down
EPH07 - Coeval / Miguel A Garcia / Miguel Prado - Tirasse
LC/EPH01 - Various Artists - Underwater Noises
EPH06 - Erik De Cordier - Dyshim
EPH05 - Jonathan Read - Volans
EPH04 - David Newlyn - Friday Night Choir Practice
EPH03 - Carlos Villena - Oscil.lacions en la Penombra de les Taques Solars
HB/EPH01 - Nigel Samways - Poor Henrietta Marie
EPH02 - Vecchi-Teller - One
EPH01 - Nigel Samways - Silver Rain, Green Trees