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Rod Modell & Michael Mantra - Sonic Continuum

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Sonic Continuum has gotten repeated listens here lately, which is quite rare for me. There is something special with this album. In a way I feel the same atmosphere with Steve Roach's A Deeper Silence. It is that lonely feeling and deep, serious mood. Would be nice if you know more music with a similar atmosphere. Hypnos or non-Hypnos.

P.S. I don't care if this release is over 10 years old. Good music is timeless for me.

Joe R:
I'll have to give that another listen. Back in the day, when I first bought it (is it really over ten years ago?!) it didn't do much for me. But it seems to get lots of mentions around here, so maybe I should give it another try.

Joe, it's one of those CDs we released and nobody much talked about it, and very few people bought it. Over the years, though, it's begun to pick up steam. I attribute this partly to the many releases by these two artists on the Silentes label (both individually and together) which has helped build awareness, but of course the biggest reason is that it's a great piece of sound art.

Agreed. It's a great piece of art. But Sonic Continuum wasn't my first experience with Rod Modell. I used to listen alot to his album Vibrasound when it came out in 2004. That's a whole different dub techno beast though.

Joe R:
Okay, I dug out my copy of Sonic Continuum, and I'll give it a good listen today or tomorrow.


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