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Cans.....Whats on your head?

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Julio Di Benedetto:

--- Quote from: Paul Vnuk (Ma Ja Le) on May 20, 2015, 07:58:20 AM ---First of all thanks for the compliment on Seed Julio, and second I agree with Mike, great post!

I just upgraded my headphones to the new Audio Technicha ATH-M70x and all I can say is WOW! The clarity is stunning. The low end may seem shy to some, but its really more that it is not exaggerated like some headphones.

--- End quote ---

Hi Paul....Yes "Seed" is a sonic gem not often seen in ambient circles, and naturally that amount of detail is seriously matched by phenomenal music performance and production.

Through headphones lets keep the production level of what we hear at its zenith


--- Quote ---Through headphones lets keep the production level of what we hear at its zenith

--- End quote ---

A worthy manifesto, indeed :)

Great post Julio,

The headphones you have been listening to are seriious pieces of kit on their own. Great that the company lets you audition to compare in your own time and space.

About 6 months ago I was looking for a dedicated headphone amp and purchased one of these off ebay:

With multiple sources I have set up my CD player, VS2480 and a blu ray player (for Robert Rich's Perpetual and Somnium set).

The sound through my speakers improved so much I have hardly used my headphones since then and usually choose to turn on the CD player rather than the VS 2480 when I have spare time.
   It's a long time since I've been so excited by music that it's hard to play a complete album. Often what I'm listening to will remind me of something else and I'll have to put that on asap....

I'm hoping at some point soon to settle a bit and start recording again....

PS. what I'm actually doing is looking for somewhere to live where I can set the studio and music up properly so I can really relax and enjoy listening and recording music....

Julio Di Benedetto:
Its been so quiet around here of late so I thought I would spice it up with some smoke and fire.... :o

My SPL Phonitor 2 headphone amps right channel died the other day and while it did so it sent a load signal to the right channel of my Sennheiser HD800 headphones......what an indescribable sound.....shattering paper thin carbide sheets under blackhole pressure, ok its describable.  Whats not describable  are my thoughts, well actually not printable. Think of words to describe $3400 of beautiful designed dead metal and the sweetest sounding headphones gone.

Within seconds came the cremated electronic smell that permeated the studio.....more non printable words.

Warranty on both amp and cans ran out in December 2016.....almost printable  F..K!

I contacted Zen Pro Audio where I got the SPL Phonitor 2 and the owner Warren jump into action to see what could be done...within an hour or so I had the sales rep for SPL, followed by the service manager for SPL in contact with me...impressive.  I think once I had explained how the amp had absolutely crush and destroyed my HD 800 cans some sympathy or empathy at least was given......their words were "we will be gentle with you"....lets see.

Now the Sennhesier HD800....firstly you can't talk to them, Sennheiser that is.  No warranty, click here on the website....type model number here.....flat service fee $585. 
A lot more words not fit to be printed here....but what gets one thinking is what sort of great headphones can you get $585, right.  Certainly the HD800's are truly wonderful with the right amp. Like nothing Ive ever heard before.  Much to think about.

The amp will be fixed but not for the headphones.  The one other paramount aspect of the Phonitor 2 amp is that it also drives my studio monitors, well they are power monitors but the signal that goes to the cans also goes to the monitors through the Phonitor....listening as I have to now with my system reconfigured it is sonically lacking without the Phonitor 2 amp to drive those monitors.

The Sennhesier HD800 sit in their box like a silk laced funeral casket while I decide how to approach this and Im enjoying my old Grado SR 325 cans, the ones in the first post in this thread.

I hope this comes across as me having some fun with these  bizarre events. :)



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