Author Topic: New: Transformation of separate self by Apollonius & 33 Tetragammon  (Read 3162 times)


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Hi there,
I've just discovered this forum. My name is Eelke van Hoof (artist name Apollonius) and I'm a musician from The Netherlands. I'm making deep ambient music with my soulmate Wasili Papadopoulos (artist name 33 Tetragammon) and so far we've released 5 albums together and 1 solo album by me. We are both fans of O÷phoi, Robert Rich, lustmord and Steve Roach. I'm very curious what you guys would think of our music and any comments are welcome whether they are 'positive' or 'negative'; we're still learning and are especially interested in knowing what the effect of our music is on people's body, mind and soul. Here is our latest release. It's a download only (we also made two cd's). Thanks beforehand for taking the time to listen. Cheers from The Lowlands, EvH.


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Re: New: Transformation of separate self by Apollonius & 33 Tetragammon
« Reply #1 on: April 01, 2011, 02:10:18 AM »
Hi Eelke, welcome at Hypnos, it's really nice to meet you on this forum. I just got your "Resonating Earth" and "The Child Set Free" CDs, so I can't wait to explore some darker soundworlds from The Lowlands. Met vriendelijke groet... :)