Jim Brenholts birthday today

Started by jkn, March 04, 2011, 04:49:46 AM

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It's weird logging into facebook and seeing that it's Jim Brenholts birthday today.   A few people wished him a happy birthday wherever he is... and I thought I'd add my birthday wish here since this is where I knew him most.   

Happy Birthday, Jim - miss ya, buddy.   

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jeff pearce

Jim was such an upbeat, optimistic guy- full of encouragement for musicians, and a huge love of music.  I remember that we had some great conversations about baseball after a couple of my concerts.  I still miss the guy.

Paul Vnuk (Ma Ja Le)

I thought of him this past week when someone posted about Meg Bowls, and all I could thinks was, "Jim loved Meg's music".

I miss him too!
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I am the other half of Orion's Belt and we will definitley miss Jim for his witty comments and great music....

Have a happy birthday dude where ever you are:)

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Scott M2

There's still a hollow space in the heart of the ambient world
that used to filled filled with Jim's enthusiasm - both creamy and nutty.

;D  Happy Birthday Jim!


j b

mind-light and memory murmurs

h b



Definitely remembered, happy Birthday Jim.

Bill Binkelman

Still hard for me to believe he is gone...here's to you, Jim. Hope the music wherever you are is as good at is here...if not better!
May the odds be ever in your favor.


I thought of Jim as well when that post appeared. Earlier I had stumbled upon some of his reviews and was remembering when I met him at the Steve Roach/Jorge Reyes show in Tucson years ago. What a nice guy and definitely an avid supporter of the music! It was wonderful that he created and released his own before his passing.


Jim's footprints in life are all over.

I ran across some of his reviews on AmbientVisions and just ripped an Orion's Belt disc.

I miss him.


Hi there Jimzzzak,

I was just curious to see if you had a chance to order and listen to Orion's Belt's last album that we did together right before he passed away, The Mysteries of Time..???
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