Author Topic: ONE THOUSAND PULSES New Event Update: RMI, Modulator ESP, ArtCrime  (Read 2499 times)

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OTP is pleased to announce three new additions to this year's lineup

> RADIO MASSACRE INTERNATIONAL | November 26 Preeminent British trio Radio Massacre International (RMI) will be bringing their powerful & galvanizing brand of post-Berlin School/Pink Floydian electronica to our performance space on Thanksgiving weekend.

> MODULATOR ESP | September 3 The ESP stands for Experimental Synthesis Project,  a concept that Modulator Jez Creek uncannily realizes via his ever-evolving and phantasmagorical soundscapes, sound paintings daubed with abstract tones & diffuse rhythms.

> ARTCRIME | June 25 Closing out OTP's Spring 2011 season will be New Jersey's experimental music collective ArtCrime, utilizing mysteriously sourced electronics and all manners of random acoustics to realize their sonic felonious assaults.
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Re: ONE THOUSAND PULSES New Event Update: RMI, Modulator ESP, ArtCrime
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Woah Darren, you're having RMI play at your house!     8)