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ONE THOUSAND PULSES NEWS: Equinoxygen festival update, etc.


Anodize DB:

Proof that there's hardly a dull moment here at OTP HQ, as revealed by the following tasty items in development.

Sometime in the next two to four weeks, a relaunch of the newly-upgraded OTP website will take place in conjunction with the announcement of the confirmed lineup for this October's Equinoxygen 2011 multi-artist festival. Details cannot be provided at this time, but suffice to say that the artists under consideration represent both genre history, current motifs, and future shock as they deftly navigate the high-wire act that is live performance...

Plans are also afoot for not one but two OTP record labels—one will focus on releasing complete OTP performances while the other will feature studio-bound material from artists orbiting the OTP imprimatur. Stay tuned.


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