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RELEASE: Nebulę - The Path of White Clouds

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Scott M2:
Looks great! I like the wrap-around "path" of the clouds.

Thanks for the comments, everyone. I think it turned out great, and I'm further convinced that the switch to digipaks was a good move for us.

Think I know what I'll be asking for for my birthday this month. Excellent release, Mike, thank you for your work. And since I've pretty much sworn off jewel case purchases, I am very pleased with the new format.

Got my copy a few weeks back, & this is a brilliant release.

It's up there with one of my favourites.

Hi friends, here is my little review on this great reissue:

Nebulę "The Path Of White Clouds" CD

For longer time in the pipeline, but in March of 2011 dreams of all drone fans came true. This old ambient classic from 2003 (limited CDr release by Stella Maris) is now available thanks to Hypnos as pressed CD in nicely looking digipak. Nebulę (previously known as Nebula) can be easily described as another ambient supergroup, featuring two drone kings, Oophoi and Mathias Grassow, as well as legendray Klaus Wiese, who unfortunately passed away in January of 2009. Tau Ceti (synths), Lorenzo Pierobon (harmonic chants), Geert Verbeke (himalayan bowls), Luna (vocals) and Mauro Malgrande (shakuhachi) complete the list of gifted musicians on this album. "The Path Of White Clouds" begins with mysteriously hypnotic resonant drones on "The Quest". Deeper, more massive inner journey continues on "Ascension", this time remarkably enriched by expressive harmonic chants, an ecstatic journey that overlaps into the next grandiose composition, "Devotion", on which except Klaus Wiese and Mauro Malgrande all above mentioned appear. Beautifully immense and ethereal, and possibly the most mysterious piece on album, among others featuring also gloomy male and female voices and chants, definitely another highlight!!! Drifting on "The Living Mandala" is slowly evolving into more active level, ocassionally spiced by bells and also by hardly recognized processed shakuhachi. The next composition, "Enlightenment", is based around Mauro Malgrande's shakuhachi and synth washes by Klaus Wiese and Oophoi, peppered by some noises, deep, calm and meditative. Closing ghostly title opus, "The Path Of White Clouds", showcases masterful appearance of Klaus Wiese's zither, Mauro Malgrande's chants and Oophoi's electronics. Absolutely gorgeous and meditative journey from this strong line-up of highly acclaimed and talented artists. And kudos to Hypnos for reissuing this masterpiece, a must have for all die-hard aficionados of deep mysterious drones!!!

Richard Gürtler (Bratislava, Slovakia)


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