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np: Jori Hulkkonen: Nitewalking "ambient house music"

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I had to modify the Logitech Media Server to use a 4 GB RAM disk on the server laptop as the database for the server was getting too slow due to large size.

The laptop also serves up my 24/7 commercial-free ambient stream.

My last live ambient stream ended abruptly 8 years ago when Katrina hit New Orleans and cut the power to about the only thing I left going, the ambient server.  Here's a list of the last 100 songs played on that stream, left eerily hanging in cyber space.

Now playing: Jack Hertz - To Raise The Dead (alt studio mix)

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The process of bagging my CDs (going from jewel boxes to poly bags) is nearly complete after years of work.  I have probably 400 more to go.

Now Playing on 2.0 : Bengalfuel - Mr. Crow

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The hardware/players that I use for my music server work very well.  I have instant access to all my music in several rooms of the house; I can sync playback throughout the house if desired.  Unfortunately Logitech has dropped the Squeezebox line of players.

The good news is that the Squeezebox community is made of hardware and software developers who now are making open source hardware for the now open source server software.  This product will compete with Sonos but will offer two big advantages: lower cost and the playback of hi-res files.  Additionally Sonos uses internal memory for its database; that usually fills up at approximately 65,000 files - there are no plans for that to increase that anyone can discern.  The disadvantage will be that the new players may not look as good and they will be initially headless without a display, using iOS/Android/computer apps to control the players.  They may also require an external DAC which could be an advantage.  For those of you contemplating trying out a home music server, this might be an inexpensive route to go.

I'll keep you posted.

Now playing: 2.0: Chad Hoefler - Orchard Of Stone

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Beautiful weather here in Austin.  Drought has actually eased a bit.

now playing: Patrick Cowley - Primordial Landscape


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