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Spring brings not just the change in season, but some new updates here from OTP HQ.

First, I'm pleased to finally announce the redesigned OTP site, with a much more user-friendly interface & added features:

Second, we’ve got three consecutive weekends of events upcoming in April that we’ve dubbed our April Sonic Showers series:

> ERDEM HELVACIOGLU | April 2 — One of the more prominent musicians to emerge from the Turkey in some time, Erdem Helvacioglu trades in sounds that are difficult to pigeonhole, bridging 20th century chamber music with laptop electronics, acoustic guitars, cello, and field recordings to stimulate electroacoustic music’s grayer areas.

> PAS & HATI | April 9 — Brooklyn post-industrial collagists PAS mix and match it up with fellow Polish fringe percussionists HATI, who bang on massive gong arrays to achieve their stunning tableaux of sounds. /

> TIM MOTZER | April 16 — A true sonic nomad, Philadelphia-based guitarist Tim Motzer finds infinite joy in diversity. His recent work as Fractured Reverb Underground draws inspiration from Aphex Twin, Eno, Frippertronics, and the gorgeous ambient jazz of Supersilent, synthesizing such touchstones into its own grand schemes.
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