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the spectre looms suddenly

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jim brenholts:
i have posted a free downloadable cd in memory of my friend, dave k, who passed away last month. you can find it here:
please listen and let me knopw what you think. it is some very personal music.

I definitely recommend this....some very awesmome music.....

so go download it and enjoy..:)
I ran into Jim's MP3 album "Spectre Looms Suddenly" randomly yesterday.  I found it quite emotive.

Would anyone mind if I posted it again?  I Googled it and Jim's site is no longer up.

yes most definitely...
that would be awesome.....

--- Quote from: einstein36 on May 14, 2012, 08:44:23 AM ---yes most definitely...
that would be awesome.....

--- End quote ---

Thanks for your reply.  I'll give it a little bit more time for other replies to filter in.

I just don't want to violate any written or unwritten copyright issues and I expect this forum will have the collective knowledge to guide me here.

It's a great MP3 album that he released freely after the loss of a friend.  It's quite appropriate that I now listen to it and think of Jim.


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