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ECM: Nick Bartsch's Ronin: Holon

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Easily one of the most exciting musical explorations I've heard in quite a while, and not easily pigeonholed.  To touch down on a few reference points that it brings up for me:  Steve Reich, The Necks, 70's era Eberhard Weber, Terry Riley.  No doubt this is rooted in cold and spacious ECM jazz, but this music moves beyond easily categorization.

One could call it minimalist post-jazz, but that's way too easy of a description.  Essentially a loop or motif is established (often in an odd time signature), and the  musicians began to spiral in heavier and heavier arcs around the concept so that the music swells and sways.

There is a ritual/sacred paradigm at play with the influence of modal elements, but this music really does move beyond.  Its like a personal jazz shamanic journey into deeper and darker emotional space.

Hypnotic, and I would dare say essential...

Samples here:

Dave Michuda:
Thanks for the heads up, I just downloaded the mp3 album.

That lead me to "The Spaces In Between" by John Surman, which sounds very good.  May have to get that as well.

Looks & sounds very interesting, thanks for the tip...just called my local Borders & they have a copy on reserve for me, so in an hour or so...

EDIT (elapsed time 3 minutes):
As if one with the universe, a Borders 30% off anything coupon just hit my emailbox...cha-ching!!!

EDIT EDIT (elapsed time, several hours)

This is a great listen. And your description is about as accurate as one could get. I also Googled the album's title & came across this in Wikipedia:

A holon is a system (or phenomenon) that is a whole in itself as well as a part of a larger system. It can be conceived as systems nested within each other. Every system can be considered a holon, from a subatomic particle to the universe as a whole. On a non-physical level, words, ideas, sounds, emotions—everything that can be identified—is simultaneously part of something, and can be viewed as having parts of its own, similar to sign in regard of semiotics.

Wow!  Great that someone mentioned this amazing outfit.  I have yet to acquire Holon, but I do have Stoa which I've been listening for quite a while now.  They are playing several dates in the states I believe next month.  That would be something to behold in a live setting.

I have Stoa and will definitely be getting this.

John Surman's music is wonderful. Many fantastic records over the years.


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