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Vidna Obmana - The Surreal Sanctuary

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Hello Mike,
I look for this Vidna Obmana record.
It's a rare item, pretty hard to find and really expensive (about 60 euros on discog).
Is there any possibility to re-release it on Hypnos ?

All the best

Joe R:
Is The Surreal Sanctuary out of print? That's too bad, it's such a good one too...  best of luck finding one, nuun.

Surreal Sanctuary has been out of print for several years, and Vidna Obmana has stated his wish that his albums be allowed to lapse out of print once they sell out. For this reason, if there are Vidna Obmana CDs that you wish to obtain at some point (not just on Hypnos, but his other releases as well) I suggest that you pick them up before they are unavailable. Many of his best albums are very difficult to find now.

I can't say there is no possibility at all of ever re-releasing these, but it would require the artist's permission. He has moved on to other projects and wishes to let Vidna Obmana gradually fade, other than collections such as the 8LP boxset just released.

I have asked recently Dirk if he is going to re-issue his albums under the Vidna Obmana project. And he said that he is not mid if some labels make decision to re-issue his albums, also he said that there is maybe a re-printing " Ascension of shadows" albums soon, in a priple digipack style format. I hope this will be come true, becourse Im very appreciated with the new digipack pressing way , like it goes with Steve Roach and projekt label.
Hypnos also started to make only digipacks! And this is awesome. Keep doing them guys! And dont go into the jewel cases again please. Digipacks are the truly masterpieces for the ambient lovers.

We would consider reissuing some out-of-print Vidna Obmana in the future, if he was receptive.

And don't worry about Hypnos going back to jewel cases. We won't! They're more expensive to manufacture, more expensive to ship, and take up more storage space. It seems 99% of our customers express a preference for digipaks, so even if we consider some different packaging options in the future, we won't go back to jewel cases.


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