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NEW - Entia Non - free EP and new Album

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Yes, another fine release + EP from DataObscura

- Entia Non : Fold - new full-length album

- Entia Non : Remora - free EP download

Entia Non, from Australia, creates contemporary experimental ambient.
Shimmering glitchy samples over warm beds of quirky atmospheric drones and
pads. The music is rich with treated field recordings and samples. His releases
on U-cover, Resting Bell, and Test Tube were highly praised. This is complex
and crafted music that rewards close listening. Headphones recommended.

You can find the album HERE

You can find the free EP HERE

Or download the EP directly FROM HERE

Enjoy !


Interesting artist. Didn't realise you had him on your dataObscura roster, Anthony. Nice one :)

I have a review of his resting bell release, Sub routine, up here, for those interested:
Sub Routine Review

For those interested in following up, Entia Non has another freebie called Distal available on the test tube netlabel. And, what's more, this ere test tube label seems to have some good stuff up there, at least going by the standard of the rather beguiling Small Airports ep I sampled by a couple of Canadian collaborators, Dave Zeal & Daniel Maze, that reminds variously of early Aphex Twin, Boards of Canada, 12k label, and Kompakt Pop Ambient with a fuzzed-out environmental aspect to its soundfield.


More stuff to buy. Anthony, you're batting 1000 with these releases. I thank you but my wallet just wants to be friends.  ;D

Joe R:
Wow, I'm not usually a fan of the "glitch & random sound effects" thing, but these downloads sound very airy and refreshing. Nice stuff!  -thanks for the heads-up on these, guys.  :)


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