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Bill Binkelman:
In case you don't know, HBO has produced a 10-part miniseries of the first book of George R.R. Martin's fantastic "A Song of Fire and Ice" series. The first book (and first miniseries) is "A Game of Thrones." and it looks fucking fantastic and is garnering rave advanced reviews. It starts in about 10 days or so. I got HBO just to see it. This is VERY ADULT fantasy and makes LOTR look like a Disney movie. Tons of violence and brutality - not much "fantasy" per se (i.e. no real magic) but lots of political machinations, betrayals, plots, etc. I am super-psyched as I have read all the books in the series (so far). Check it out at http://www.hbo.com/#/game-of-thrones

Looks excellent, Bill.
I'll have to pick up the first book.

I have the first book in this series and have been meaning to start it for some time. I keep hearing how mad all the fans of GRRM's series have become about delays in getting the latest book finished, so I figure there's no need for me to read it in a hurry. When I get around to reading, I'm sure I can catch up with him.

I've heard mostly good things about this series but would like to at least read the first book before I try to watch it. I'm not too much into watching TV-on-TV anyway -- I prefer watching it on DVD or BluRay so I can set my own viewing schedule.

So what's the verdict on HBO's Game of Thrones? Is it any good or just over-produced fantasy with an extra coat of blood?

I bought the first book as well, and will give it a shot. I figure by the time I finish it, the series might be out on DVD.  :)

Bill Binkelman:
I am impressed with the first installment in this mini-series. Understandably, the first 2 or 3 episodes will be more or less exposition. But the attention to detail and deliberate pace are just what I was hoping for...this is a DENSELY plotted book and even at 10 hours, some of it is obviously going to be truncated. I don't expect for it to become truly "involving" until episode 3 or so, although Kathryn is already hooked, per her own words. All I can say is that by the half way point of the 10 parts, if you stick with it, it's gonna blow some folks away. NO character is safe. Imagine in LOTR if Aragorn, Sam and Legolas were all killed in the first picture. That's what this book series is about.


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