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City Skies Electronic Music Festival
« on: February 16, 2008, 08:38:30 AM »

This promises to be a really great festival organized by Jim Combs (Sensitive Chaos/Touchxtone). It's May 2 and 3 and will be in Atlanta.  Go to the above link for schedule, bios, and more details.  Here are the performers:

aTHeNa BLue | Burning Artist(s) Sale

Richard Devine

Different Skies All-Stars (Jeff Kunzelman, Giles Reaves, John Rossi III, Mike Metlay)

Earthgirl | Emerald Adrift

Fringe Element | Tony Gerber

Klimchak | Mark Mahoney | Random Rabbit v3.0

recompas | Sensitive Chaos

Kevin Spears | Harold Timms

Paul Vnuk Jr | Xeriod Entity