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Alien Tears E-Book now available.

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I am excited to announce my book, Alien Tears can now be purchased at:


Look for the announcement about the physical edition soon....

Bill Binkelman:
I just want to extend my congratulations to you, Darren, on seeing this through to the end. I have thought often of writing a book and have never even attempted it. Kudos to you on persevering and taking it all the way. You are to be commended!

Thank you very much Bill....
I am currently working on part 2 of this right now and boy, I must say, this next part is going to be a bugger...bollocks man..:)....but i think once I am done...everyone will enjoy...hell...been my dream as a kid to maybe even see this done as a made for tv movie, or hell, movie on big screen:).....
Seriously...movies made from books recently...like the recent, Water for Elephant., etc:)....
Part 2 is going to have goverment cover-ups, drama, a little romance, action, aliens invading earth but much cooler...

Romance?  Will Fabio be on the cover?  ;-)


Nah.....Thanks Jkn.......but I wouldn't mind Hayden Panterrie on the cover.....ummmm...


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