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I received Nebulae- The Path of White Clouds a week or so ago and just got Steve Brand- Avatara a few days ago. I really like both releases , but I'm especially pleased with the digipack format for new Hypnos releases. The artwork is attractive and I can read the spines easily. They look like they will hold up very well. Great job, Mike and Lena!

Yes, I can only agree with Harry's words, the newest Hypnos digipaks look really nice, they perfectly fit the music. So also my big thanks to Mike & Lena!!! Now I keep an eye on my mailbox for "Avatara" CD. All the best from your big Slovak fan... :)


Thanks, Harry and Richard. We appreciate the feedback, and we're very happy with the new packaging format as well. I expect we'll continue with digipak releases for the foreseeable future.

Thank you, Mike! I am very glad to know you will keep this packaging format for the future releases, I just received "Avatara" CD and it looks absolutely magnificent!!! I can imagine this packaging is more expensive, so I hope there will be still enough people to support your label, artists and releases and you will be able to keep this format as long as possible. For me, it's a great pleasure to be one of them. Thank you and all the best to all of you... :)


yes, I like digipacks also a lot!
If I could re-issue all vidna obmana albums ( they all almost on jewel cases) in digipacks format I would do this. But I Hope in the future - there will be more re-pressing in the digipacks.
Steve roach will do now only digipacks! and this is amazing! I hope the old albums will be reprinted also as digipacks))


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