Lucidet - My ambient experiment

Started by tjg92, February 19, 2008, 11:28:10 PM

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I'm kind of new to ambient music, writing ambient music, and this community, so...

I started writing this stuff a month or two ago. I'm just now putting it on the internet, and I'd like constructive criticism and encouragement. I've made a myspace:

And as the myspace says, there is also another song I've written (which wouldn't fit on msypace >:( ) that you can download here:

That's actually my first go so it's kind of rough/boring :x

Lastly, although my myspace and song titles make it seem as though I am joking around, that is only because at this point I have no reason to be serious about anything but the music (which I take pretty damn seriously).




it's pretty good for a beginner, too short though for ambient i would say and i think the breathing sounds outside of the track, like separate from it. I liked the music, nice drones that were quite unsettling and the overall mood of the track was quite dark, which is always good!



Thanks for the comment :D

That song was really just an experiment with drones, more like a learning experience, so it actually came out really short.

I'm not sure what you meant about the breathing sounds. Did you mean the whispering at the beginning of the track? You think they don't fit in? You're probably right, they are a lot more active than everything else in the track.

jim brenholts

very interesting and some very cool sounds. i like the progressions and tempo changes.
as far as length, i have been told that some of my tracks are too long but the shorter ones aren't as interesting - at least to me. i think 28' is ok.
all the best and God bless


Wow, thanks.

I've always thought ambient albums ought to be one track or one song divided into tracks. That's only my taste, though. I'm just kind of unsure about my own outputs :-[