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original post includes links, art, music:



[PS024] Cinchel – paginated overflow


[These are simply off the cuff remarks about the album as I listen. I am not a reviewer, simply a fan and fellow musician.]


I'm listening to this album for the second time today - and it's one of those moments where I go, wow, this is a great album.  The music is built up from guitar, pedals, and laptop - and there's such a great feeling to these pieces.  The first track is denser and 'moves' more than the other two...  with layers and layers of drones, texture, saturation, distortion, delays - all used in a very moving and enjoyable way.


Track two settles into a quieter more minimal more focused drone.  Deep tones ease us into the beginning - the distortion and echoes and over saturation making this feel so deep, so alive.  Pushing to the point of feedback and clipping - what might be flaws elsewhere on a different album - are *perfection* here.


The last track of this album is a wonderful ending... it begins not with huge drones, but with echoes in a lovely melody.  With the looping feedback of the echoes swelling up behind the melody... this is a sublime piece.  As the melody dissolves into ever growing drones - it keeps drawing me in until a slow fade...


I can't recommend this album enough if you love guitar based ambient or drones.   This is a free to download release.


Highly recommended.


    INFO from the Public Spaces Lab below:

[PS024] Cinchel – paginated overflowBy
PublicSpaces Lab
Published: March 18, 2011Posted in: ReleasesTags: ambient, cinchel, dense music, guitar, paginated overflow

Release Summary and Player

Artist: Cinchel

 Album: paginated overflow

Album Art: Rita Monteiro @ The Lab
Picture by: JS Pad (via Flickr under a CC License)
Enconding: Jordi Urriaque @ The Lab
PublicSpaces Lab logo by Fernando Mateus


[PS024] Cinchel - paginated overflow by PublicSpacesLab


Flac Edition: Zip file (188.9 MB)
MP3 Edition 320Kbs: Zip file (101.1 MB)

Release Details

And then spring came

And it was Sunday morning

And a feeling of laziness invaded the air

As though a moment in time quiet

With birds singing and waves crashing by

Welcome stillness

Slowly building a stream of glitches and low and high pitches


Cinchel in his “paginated overflow” ep builds a lazy album where each sound being added takes its time to be introduced and then claim is presence with sharpness. Pads, strings and glitches come and go in harmony but if you listen closely a controlled chaotic conversation between the elements can be identified, much like birds dialoguing. Paginated Overflow by Cinchel, is the latest addition to PublicSpaces Lab’s releases. Enjoy the welcoming of spring.

Leonardo Rosado

About Cinchel, in his own words:

“I am a Chicago based musician working with guitar, effects and laptop to create abstract ambient music that is both minimal and dense. My main focus has been the interaction of sounds/notes with themselves. When I began playing guitar at the age of 17 I practiced this idea using solo guitar and a simple delay, influenced by the guitar playing of The Edge (from U2). After a few years I was finally able to afford a simple 4-track and I began exploring the effect of layering guitars and adjusting the tape speed to produce interference and dissonance. It was at this point I started listening to the music of Glen Branca and Rhys Chatham and could hear the beauty that was an ensemble of guitars, where the whole ensemble was a large instrument that stopped sounding like a guitar. With only the use of delay, layering and distortion I attempt to make a lot of guitars no longer sound like guitars. I have avoided the use of MIDI patches/samples and advanced software like Max/MSP mostly because I would rather spend my time playing guitar than learning to program. I like to call this minimal dense music for that reason.”
John Koch-Northrup .: jkn [AT] .: owner / artist .: .: .: