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who likes to read sci-fi??

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Finally with bated breath...here it is on Amazon in Kindle format:
at Barnes and Noble Nook format:
or just as a good old paper back edition:

From the Product Description:

"I also did not believe in love at first sight or soul mates. . . . .Until the day she walked through my classroom door and everything changed."

I know the feeling, happens to me 4 or 5 times a day.  :D Or maybe I'm thinking of something else.  :P ;D

Thanks for the link it's in my cart as I type this, look forward to reading it.

Darren, we ask that people not post multiple topics to self-promote their CD or download releases, and the same thing goes for non-music projects. I understand you're excited, but please keep it to one topic.

oh sorry about that..

No harm - I'm just trying to apply the rules equally so I don't come across like a jerk when I talk to some new forum member about starting a bunch of new topics about their CD.


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