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Started by jkn, June 01, 2011, 09:21:08 AM

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[note - if you already read this over on rM.ning - it's a repost - but I wanted to share these awesome sculptures here, too!]

I just stumbled across this site today - these are truly awesome works of art.  I will definitely be mining this site for our rM "birthday robots"!  Well worth looking around - there are pages and pages of the hand built robot scultpures.


QuoteBennett Robot Works

These robot sculpures, created by Gordon Bennett, are made from a mixture of found objects which are both old and new.  The parts are found in various places including garbage dumps, basements, construction sites, and garage sales.

They are insprired by Norman Bel Geddes and Raymond Loewy whose visions of the "Modern Age" helped shape industrial design of the 40's and 50's.

The materials are wood, metal, bakelite, glass, plastic, rubber, and paint.  Each robot is a unique, one-of-a-kind scupture and receives it's own numbered metal tag as proof it's an authentic Bennett Robot works robot.

Each robot takes about a month to build. They range in heidght from 14" to 25".  There are no moving or battery operated parts.

They are not meant to be a toy.

New robots are always in the works so pleave visit us again.

John Koch-Northrup .: jkn [AT] .: owner / artist .: .: .:


Very cool! I'd like a life-size working model with a super-advanced AI!
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