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New : THE VIVID UNMAPPED by Jacob Newman and Devin Underwood

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Our 50th DataObscura release - now available:


Jacob Newman and Devin Underwood :: The Vivid Unmapped

Fresh, free-flowing dreamscapes in a minimal contemporary style ...
immersive drones laced with field recordings, creative electronics and piano.

It's a delight !

Here are samples of the first 4 tracks :

- Early
- Upon Awakening
- Unconscious Movement
- Tracing Memory

Samples from all tracks are at the link below.
And the full first track can be heard on the DataObscura Radio page Here

Available on disk or as a download : The Vivid Unmapped at DataObscura

Thanks for checking it out.
Comments and questions welcomed.


Wow - congratulations on 50 releases!  I've reposted this over on rM as well.   

Greatly appreciated, John. Thanks !
APK, congrats again.

You probably can guess my request: please consider adding lossless files of some sort as a download option.  I hate to think about MP3s being played on a nice system, especially with all the sonic nuances of ambient music.

Thanks.  Jim.

Thanks Jim.

Though, "I hate to think about MP3s being played on a nice system" is a bit strong for me. I personally can't hear the difference between a good 320kbs mp3 and the wave file it was made from.



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