Author Topic: Tues June 7• THE PiNG presents JAKOB THIESEN + SOUNS + DEB SINHA & BEN GROSSMAN  (Read 2177 times)

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Tuesday June 7th 2011 • THE AMBiENT PiNG presents
@ Supermarket . 268 Augusta Ave . just south of College, TORONTO
Map, info and directions here:

PiNG doors open at 8:30pm
1st set at 8:45 . $6

Please note that the doors open this month at 8:30pm instead of 8:00pm
due to another event 6-8 at Supermarket.

8:45 . JAKOB THIESEN . This Toronto based musician and sound
designer has been exploring electronic and acoustic sound for over
10 years. Jakob's love for film is apparent in all his works, his numerous
independent music releases and his film and television sound design
for filmmakers have all focused on the malleability of sound and the
emotional and cerebral impacts that entail.

9:45 . DEB SINHA and BEN GROSSMAN: field . Ben and Deb
have wide backgrounds as performers, composers, improvisers,
sound designers and, in Deb's case, video artists.

Ben's hurdy gurdy is a contemporary, electro-acoustic
instrument with roots in the European middle ages. Through
extended techniques, live-looping and processing, Ben seeks
to use it as a physical interface into improvised sound creation,
spontaneous composition and the exploration of acoustics,
form and extended aesthetics.

For field, Deb is using video and visual sources outside of
the culturally driven semiotics of his previous work - to
explore code and programming, focussing on form and process.
For tonight's performance, Deb will also be contributing digitally
generated audio based on analogous processes.

10:45 . SOUNS . Michael Red, aka Souns, is a Vancouver based music
producer, performer, DJ and event organizer. Michael is the
founding member of Lighta! Sound, acting captain of the
Low Indigo ship, regular collaborator with Tanya Tagaq
and music curator for New Forms Festival. As a live performer,
Michael combines his “sound art” side with his summed DJ
experience - blending layered atmospheres, subtle details,
and improvised manipulations with a dance floor sensibility.
Upfront beats can quickly scatter to polyrhythmic tangents
and back again. Nearly untraceable pulses can eventually merge
to create fully living and breathing landscapes. Playing more with
the tension side of tension-and-release is common theme, along
with an ever present dub-wise approach to FX, bass, and overall
treatment. Michael's bass music sets can vary greatly in tempo
and feel - traversing the many modes of dubstep, future and
roots dub, heaters, select rap and modern r'n'b cuts, dancehall
fusions, post-dubstep and genre-less music in between. Whatever
the flavours being played, one almost in-escapable common thread
is dub soundsystem mentality. Unplanned experiments and risks,
echo, delay and space.. deep space.. deep water. it can
get as emotional as it can get hype.